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Armed Services: Training for H2S, HAZWOPER, EM-385, Forklift, Dump Truck Operators, Fall Protection, Confined Space

Creating a comprehensive “ready to work” program for those in the armed forces is a big responsibility. Let OSHA Pros help!

The proper training for different jobs and projects doesn’t end just because you joined the armed forces. At OSHA Pros, we offer a range of training and certifications for many different important areas including HAZWOPER training, dump truck operators, working in confined spaces, fall protection, forklift operations, H2S, EM-385-1-1 training, and much more. Their are many jobs and careers that involve the use of heavy equipment, utilize many different chemicals and are often called upon to help in all manner of situations that require the proper understanding of operations and/or safety. These online trainings that we offer have the benefit of being designed by Certified Safety Professionals who have 20 years or more of experience and will cover all of the important areas specific to the various EPA or OSHA codes.

Contact us today to learn more about incorporating our online training courses into your back-to-work programs. Some of our popular training courses include H2S, HAZWOPER, EM-385, forklift operators, dump truck operators, fall protection, and confined space training.

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Government Requirements and Heavy Equipment Operations

Civilian contractors who work on government projects are often required to have the EM-385-1-1 training, which shows that your organization has safety training in place to address a range of potential hazards. Hydrogen sulfide training, otherwise referred to as H2S training, is important where mining, petroleum, or natural gas is present. Both those in the armed services as well as outside the services often deal with these industries so proper understanding of what the hazards are is important to overall safety.

Heavy equipment are powerful tools in a variety of settings, from demolition to construction and more. Dump truck operator training and forklift certification provide the necessary information for properly operating those machines safely. Fall protection training helps to illustrate the importance of fall arrest equipment and the safe use of ladders, stairways, and more. Even confined spaces need safety protocols to prevent injury.


OSHA HAZWOPER (8, 24, 40 hour)

HAZWOPER Training Courses

EM 385-1-1

EM 385 Training Information

About EM 385-1-1

Fall protection training

Fall Protection Training Courses

Fall Protection Training


Confined space training

Confined Space Training Courses

Confined Space Training

Forklift training for sit down and stand up forklift operater

Forklift Training and Certification

Forklift Training

Skid Steer Operator

Skid Steer Operator Safety Training

OSHA Skid Steer Certification


Why They Use OSHA Pros for Training

Two Armed Service Men Conducting Forklift TrainingWe have counted numerous armed forces personnel who have taken our training to help them do their jobs better while serving our population. Our training has been developed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) who have 20 years of experience. This means that you can trust that the information in our training will not only be practical but also follow the requirements outlined in the different OSHA codes and EPA standards.

From the 24-hour and 40-hour HAZWOPER training to heavy equipment operations as well as fall protection, confined space training, and more, our team is dedicated to offering the best OSHA-compliant online training courses. These courses can be taken when it is convenient for your team, making the training easy to fit into anyone’s schedule. Contact us today to get your needed training scheduled.