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Beware of OSHA Certification Online

OSHA safety courses help companies and their workers avoid on-the-job accidents and establish a culture of safety. Many providers now offer OSHA training online. However, not all of these classes may be legitimate. Before you register for an OSHA online safety course, you should understand the truth about OSHA certification online.

There Is No Such Thing as OSHA Online Certification

Construction executive working on tablet with safety gearWhile OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour classes are available online, OSHA does not offer certificates or designations to students who complete these courses. Instead, students will earn an OSHA wallet card that demonstrates their proficiency in workplace safety. If you come across a provider offering OSHA safety certification online, they may be involved in a fraudulent business. Authorized OSHA training providers know the difference.

Beware of “OSHA Certified” Trainers

OSHA does not certify, endorse, or recommend any workplace safety trainer or course provider. Never enroll in a class offered by someone who claims to be an “OSHA certified” trainer. Qualified trainers in OSHA standards must complete OSHA outreach training to become Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers. Such trainers often have an academic degree and must have 3-5 years relevant experience in construction or another industry. And they must pass both the OSHA Standards training for their industry and an OSHA Trainer courses to achieve Authorized OSHA Trainer status. And, the most effective OSHA trainers don’t just teach, they regularly attend safety training programs to polish their knowledge and update their curriculum.

OSHA Training Courses from OSHA-Authorized Providers

OSHA Doesn’t Teach Courses Directly

OSHA only establishes guidelines for spotting, avoiding, and correcting workplace hazards. It doesn’t employ trainers or teach OSHA courses offline or online. Never trust a trainer claiming to work for or represent OSHA. If you’re not sure if a trainer is legitimate, ask for their credentials or the address and phone number of their employer. A quick online search for the trainer will usually reveal whether they are running a scam.

An OSHA Wallet Card Is a Mark of Achievement

You don’t need OSHA online “certification” to be properly trained in workplace safety principles. OSHA wallet cards are recognized by all 50 U.S. states and provide proof that a worker has met OSHA training standards in the course level indicated. Students who successfully complete an OSHA online course will receive their wallet card within two weeks.

Find an OSHA Safety Trainer You Can Trust

Don’t invest your time, money, and effort in a fraudulent “online OSHA certification” course. Some OSHA online course providers offer group rates and other discounts for companies. Find a course that fits your needs and help make your workplace safer.