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What is the Difference Between EM 385-1-1 and OSHA Requirements

Public servants in the military, including contractors and project managers, perform noble duties that often involve unique challenges and requirements. Professionals laboring in these environments need specialized training that goes beyond standard OSHA safety requirements. They must comply with strict standards set in place with EM 385-1-1, a guideline published and updated by the US Corps of Engineers (USACE) for DoD projects. Read more

Risk Management and Decision-Making: Training Operators to Navigate Complex Situations

In the dynamic landscape of industries relying on heavy machinery, the role of dump truck operators is crucial. Operating these powerful vehicles demands a combination of skill, precision, and the ability to make quick decisions in high-stress or emergency situations. In this blog post, we explore the significance of dump truck operator training in risk management and decision-making, emphasizing the need for honed skills to ensure safety and efficiency. Read more