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MSHA Certifications

It’s important to have all workers at a mine site complete their MSHA certification. Before a new miner can step onto the mining property, they need to have at least four hours of MSHA training. The new miner must complete at least 24 hours of training, within the first 90 days of work. This stated proof of training or retraining for already working miners comes from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Surface miners and surface mining contractors must complete a refresher training course each year, which must be a minimum of eight hours, in order to receive the MSHA certification. These refresher courses cover any changes which could harm or affect a miner’s health along with health and safety topics surrounding operations at a mine. Read more

Forklift Certification

When forklifts are being used in your place of work, the driver must complete a safety training course. Although the idea of driving a forklift might seem similar to driving a car, it is actually very different. Drivers of stand-up forklifts must also take training courses to ensure safety in the workplace. OSHA’s forklift certification is for stand-up or sit-down forklifts, which are used in a warehouse or facility. Safety risks abound when driving a forklift, whether you are moving cargo or material around a warehouse or construction site, therefore, it’s imperative to take the forklift certification course. Read more


To protect workers while at hazardous sites, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) HAZWOPER training is mandatory. This program provides regulations, for clean-up and response workers, to ensure their health and safety. OSHA HAZWOPER trainings from OSHA.NET prepare emergency workers and clean-up workers to complete their jobs safely, regardless of the hazardous scenarios they face. Read more

MSHA Training

When working in a mine, safety must be the first priority. The Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) is in place to help miners, whether they need guidance or materials to help them attain needed training. The training is mandatory and according to federal law, all miners must take training courses annually to refresh themselves of the basics. Mine operators are also expected to have a training plan in place. There are numerous health hazards lurking, when you work in a mine. Everything from explosions, to chemicals, cave-ins, electricity, and dust can be hazardous to your health. The MSHA training also provides guidance on miners’ rights. Read more

Mold Certification Online

The potential health risk of toxigenic mold can be great, therefore, it’s important to have a certified mold inspector look at any issues. Our Mold Inspector certification online course will provide you information on mold and the tools used to become a mold inspector. It also covers personal protective equipment necessary during an inspection process. Besides equipment used, the course will also delve into toxigenic mold, fungi, and any potential health risks. Learning to identify mold infestations in homes and buildings and how to remedy them, is also covered, in the mold certification online program. Read more


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has guidelines for those working with hazardous materials. It is recommended by OSHA, that companies with employees and contractors who work with and around hazardous materials, should take safety training courses and the applicable certifications. It has been found that those who take these training courses, have less workplace injuries. Read more

OSHA Fall Protection Program

OSHA Fall Protection training is critically important for all employees. This online training is ideal for tradesmen as well as workers on any job site. Fall protection is a must for any employees that utilize personal fall protection systems. Warehouses, construction sites, high rises, and anywhere else where falls may occur, employees need to be trained on fall protection. Some topics that are covered in OSHA.NET’s Fall Protection Program are: Read more


HAZWOPER certification is important for all employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advises companies to advise employees and contractors to take safety training courses when dealing with hazardous materials. By taking these courses, workplace injuries can be reduced. The 40 hour HAZWOPER course is ideal for those who work around hazardous materials which are above exposure limits. In this course, you will review topics which are relevant to Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER). Read more

OSHA Training Courses

OSHA Pros, headquartered in North Richland Hills, Texas (between Dallas and Fort Worth) provides on-site and online safety training, industrial safety consulting services, mock OSHA inspections, risk assessments, expert safety testimony in court cases, and any other advice and guidance a company might need to Read more

Fall Protection Training

You may not think much about potential falls at work, but there is a lot to be known. On the job site, you want to not only be able to protect against potential falls, but you also should be aware of the different fall arrest systems that are required based on the work being done. The Fall Protection/Fall Arrest Systems training offered by OSHA Pros covers the requirements and criteria for Read more

What Is HAZWOPER Training?

You may have heard about this training but not known what it is or even what the word HAZWOPER stands for. Let’s address the basics first and then dive into the details. HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard. This standard was enacted by OSHA in 1990. The standard was meant to Read more