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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Rigging Certification Training

So, you have been told that you need rigging certification training, now what? While rigging certification training is an important part of any signalman’s job, there is still some confusion about what rigging certification training actually entails. We are here to clear up the confusion by answering all of your most frequently asked questions about rigging certification training, which may include: Read more

Top Fall Risks of the Construction Industry

It is no secret that working in the construction industry can come with many risks. But one serious risk of the construction industry commonly goes unnoticed; fall risks. Fall risks are so prominent in the construction industry that site workers and tradesmen are required to take OSHA fall protection training courses to learn how to mitigate these risks. Read more

A Brief Guide to H2S Recertification Training

It does not matter where you work or who you are, if you are at risk of coming in contact with hydrogen sulfide on the job, then you need to take an H2S certification course. Even if you have already completed your H2S certification, it is necessary for you to complete annual H2S recertification courses so you stay updated on the dangers and safety procedures related to H2S. Read more