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What to Expect from Your 24-Hour HAZWOPER Training

If your job requires you to clean up materials that come in the form of gas, solids, or liquids from hazardous sites, natural disasters, or chemical spills, you need specialized training. The OSHA HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) 24-hour instructional program will help provide you with the critical information necessary to keep you safe. The certification requires passing an assessment, attending training, and earning your certification before starting work in conditions with hazardous substances unless otherwise specified. The instruction ensures you will understand: Read more

HAZWOPER Refresher Training

To protect workers at hazardous sites, OSHA uses the HAZWOPER program, which provides the essential training needed. This program ensures the safety and health of workers, as long as the guidelines are followed. When being exposed to hazardous materials is inevitable, then it is necessary to take the 24 hour HAZWOPER or 40 hour HAZWOPER. These training courses must be passed and will last for a year. The 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher training must be taken every 12 months. This refresher course meets the requirements in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120. Read more

MSHA Training

Miners and operators must meet all training mandates provided by The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). MSHA helps miners by providing guidance, materials, and hands-on assistance, which will help operators and miners. They have training which must be completed and will use the assistance provided by MSHA. Mine operators are aware that they must maintain a training plan that is effective, and all miners must take basic and annual refresher training, according to Federal law. There are many health hazards when working in a mine. Each day you must be prepared for cave-ins, explosions, electricity, dust, chemicals, and more. This and more is covered in the MSHA training from OSHA.NET. Read more

OSHA Training Online

Those working in occupational health and safety careers understand that OSHA training online is a wonderful way to learn the information, while still able to work a full day. These courses are available at your convenience, whether that is after work or on the weekend. OSHA training online is a simple and easy way to learn the information needed, at your own pace, to be safe at work. Whether you need general industry or construction industry courses, they are available to you to take online. Read more

Confined Space Training

When working in confined spaces, you must understand the challenges and hazards that are possible. Physical entrapment and exposure to toxic substances are just some of the dangers when working in confined spaces. Whether you work in construction or building development, there are often-times you will find yourself working in confined spaces. There are many other jobs that would benefit from this training, as well. Vacuum and pump truck drivers and operators would benefit, as well as electricians, insulators, scaffolders, and welders. Read more