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Confined Space Training and Confined Space Certification

OSHA Confined Space Training Working in building development and construction, you can often find yourself working in confined spaces. But working in confined spaces isn’t limited to just construction. Drivers and operators for vacuum and pump trucks, inspectors for pipelines and tanks, and some tradesmen such as electricians, insulators, welders and scaffolders all may require confined space training depending on the job. Working in a confined space comes with a unique set of challenges and hazards, like physical entrapment and exposure to toxic substances. Because of these conditions, it is important to have confined space training for your team.

Confined space certification courses are ideal for most professionals and workers in the construction industry, including but not limited to space entrants, competent persons, contractors, entry supervisors, safety managers, and foremen. OSHA Pros can help with OSHA training courses that your team get the confined space certification they need.

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Confined Space Training Online

When it comes to getting your confined space training for your team, you could go the route that many do. That involves getting your entire team together for an in-person classroom presentation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get your confined space training online, and you can have your team do it when they have time in their schedules rather than having them all do it at once. Letting your team do their training online means that you don’t have the scheduling headaches if you needed to get them all together at the same time. Plus, they can do the training where ever they want, even at home. The benefits of doing your confined space training online are numerous, and you gain flexibility in getting your team up to speed with the information required to work in confined spaces.


Confined Space Certification

Confined Space TrainingIf you’ve never had to take confined space certification, you are probably wondering what exactly will be covered in the training. A partial list of the topics includes identifying confined spaces, atmospheric monitoring, overview and history of OSHA confined space regulations, elements of a Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Program, plus many more. Not only will the course help you stay safe on the jobsite, it will also answer common on-the-job questions such as “what are the entry requirements for confined spaces?” and “how is a confined space defined?”

Whether you are in the construction trades or happen to deal with confined spaces as part of your job, it’s important to make sure that you understand the rules for confined spaces. Don’t ignore the importance of confined space training, and make it as easy for your team as possible to obtain their confined space certification.