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EM 385 Training

Are you a contractor? Do you have plans on pursuing any government construction contracts? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then the EM 385 training is absolutely necessary before you even start the bidding process for government construction contracts.

Why is it necessary to have the EM 385-1-1 training? In the event of a contracting officer finding a violation on a government construction project, you could be fined up to $2,000 per day until it is remedied, and your work will be halted until compliance is satisfied. Imagine that the violation takes 14 days or even a month to correct. The fine could greatly impact your profit. EM 385 training gives you the knowledge needed to successfully win a bid for government construction work. In many cases, your bid will be rejected if it does not include a site-specific safety plan that meets all EM 385-1-1 requirements. OSHA Pros is dedicated to providing helpful information and OSHA training courses for contractors and more.

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8-Hour EM 385-1-1
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16-Hour EM 385-1-1
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24-Hour EM 385-1-1
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40-Hour EM 385-1-1
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EM 385-1-1 Training Courses

EM 385 Training for Government JobsOur EM 385 training online is comprehensive and includes everything you need to know for EM 385 certification. There are no prerequisites. We ensure that you are ready to start submitting bids that meet approval criteria and have the knowledge necessary to avoid costly compliance mistakes. Some of the topics that are covered in the training course include:

  • Falls, trips, and slips associated with different surfaces
  • Understanding which liquids and gasses are flammable and combustible
  • Recognizing the dangers of chemicals and electrical hazards
  • Differences Between EM 385 and OSHA 29 CFR 1926
  • And much more!

While this training may sound similar to OSHA 29 CFR 1926, there are several differences. EM 385 requires regular activity hazard analyses as well as the customized accident prevention plan mentioned previously. Also, EM 385 places a bigger importance on job site inspection and employee training for better accident prevention.


EM 385 Training and Certification

Unlike OSHA’s requirements, EM 385 mandates that trainers are required to submit detailed lists of subjects covered with the trainee. Continuing education is also required, and the requirements are stricter than OSHA’s. When it comes to confined space training, EM 385-1-1 training takes a much more in-depth approach to training and requirements while OSHA simply requires alerting workers that they are entering a confined space. These are just a few examples of important differences that could affect you during a government construction project. This training is required for anyone working on government construction projects, including military employees, government employees, and civilian contractors.

OSHA.net is produced by OSHA Pros, LLC, a company specialized in safety and workplace compliance, and offering OSHA authorized training. OSHA.net provides a variety of helpful resources, training, and certification, including EM 385-1-1 40 hour training. To learn more or register for courses, call 817-874-5000 today!

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