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FAQs about Fall Protection Training and Fall Arrest Systems Training

Our fall protection training provides you with the information you need to protect yourself and your fellow workers from the safety hazards that lead to falls. Not only will you learn about common hazards and the associated rescue responses, but you will understand what happens as well as the appropriate actions to take should you or another person fall. This training will also mean that you are compliant with OSHA training regulations. Our fall arrest systems training meets the requirement for competent person designation.

When you are in the construction industry, ladders, scaffolding, cranes, and tall buildings are common things. OSHA tells us that the most common cause of death on construction sites are falls, so knowing how to protect yourself, your employees, and your colleagues on the job site is important. This fall protection training will provide you with definitions and standards, and this includes differences in prevention, restraint, and arrest.

Fall protection training is crucial for more than just construction workers. General industry professions from roofers to window washers, wind/energy workers to utility workers, and more, all have the need for fall protection training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Topics are Covered in the Fall Protection Training Course?

The following areas are covered in this OSHA fall protection training:

  • explain how to prevent falls on the construction site
  • describe common hazards and safe operations related to fall protection
  • listing fall protection definitions including prevention, restraint, and arrest

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Who needs to take Fall Protection Training?

Fall protection training is designed and developed for general industry workers and construction workers who need to prevent falls at the workplace. This training will encourage more safe working amongst the construction team. The top five professions that frequently require fall protection training are roofers, crane installers or inspectors, cell tower technicians, aerial lift operators, and oil or gas drillers. Many professionals benefit from taking OSHA fall protection training. If you or your employees are exposed to a potential fall hazard, fall protection training is a must.

Can I take Fall Protection Training Online?

Yes! Fall protection training online is a great way to get the knowledge that you need to help prevent falls and incorporate restraint and arrest systems. You have up to 1 year to complete the course once you purchase it. These are self-paced fall protection training online so your team can work it into their schedules easily.

Do Fall Protection Training Certifications Need Annual Renewals?

No, retraining for fall protection does not need to be completed on an annual basis. However, retraining is required when the employer has reason to believe that an employee no longer has the understanding or skills required to recognize and minimize the hazards of falling, or if there were significant changes in the workplace environment that rendered the previous training obsolete.


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OSHA fall protection training allows anyone on your team to get the important information that they need when it’s most convenient for them. And because you can access the OSHA training courses online whenever you want or need, the cost for these courses is less than a traditional instructor-led class. Don’t put off this important fall protection training designed to help prevent falls and provide safe operations on the job site. Register today!


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