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FAQ about MSHA New Miner Training

MSHA training, also known as Mine Safety and Health Administration training, is a program that complies with federal law requirements for mining safety and education. Through this course, you can earn your MSHA certification and/or stay current on the basics of mining safety through refresher training.

This course is designed to provide students with basic education on the physical characteristics, types, and operations of surface mines, including emergency procedures, as stated in MSHA Part 46 regulations. This MSHA certification enables miners to legally and safely work in the surface mining environment while complying with Mine Safety and Health Administration requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Topics are Covered in the MSHA Training Course?

This 8-hour MSHA training course provides surface mining professionals and contractors with MSHA certification by covering a vast range of subjects that address the hazards, precautions, and environmental risks of working in the surface mining environment.

Whether marble surface mining, surface clay, gravel, etc. surface miners are in a tense environment and must learn the proper safety procedures, as well as their rights as mining professionals. This MSHA training course offers extensive education on a range of surface mining subjects including:

  • Emergency Procedures
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Accident Prevention
  • Identifying & Reporting Hazards (environmental, electrical, chemical)
  • Miner’s Rights
  • Miner’s Representatives
Who needs to take MSHA New Miner Safety Training?

New miner safety training, as defined under Part 46, is designed to educate new surface miners and surface mining contractors.

If you're new to mining and work in a surface non-metal mine designated as shell dredging, sand, gravel, surface stone, colloidal phosphate, surface limestone, and surface clay, then you need MSHA training to ensure your safety and the safety of your coworkers.

Professionals working in other surface mine operations should also complete their MSHA training. This may include operations that produce:

  • Sandstone
  • Traprock
  • Granite
  • Cement
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Shale
  • Kaolin
Is this Training Sufficient for Workers in Surface Mines or Underground Mines?

This MSHA training is specifically designed for MSHA Part 46 compliance for surface mines such as gravel, sand, surface stones, shell dredging operations, and so on. Through convenient online MSHA training, surface mineworkers can earn their certification and/or receive their annual refresher course.

On the other hand, underground mine MSHA certification falls under MSHA Part 48, which covers all underground mines, coal mines, and a few surface/non-metal mines, therefore requiring different training.


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