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This Free Training Tutorial Introduces the Basic Concepts of Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Lock Out Tag Out Training
Lock Out Tag Out can control potentially dangerous energy, like this hoist brake

Employees work safer by following proper OSHA lock out tag out training procedures and controls.  It is up to managers to make sure a program and proper equipment are in place to protect workers from potentially hazardous uncontrolled energy (e.g. machinery).  This 10-minute video tutorial discusses the basic concepts, explains a lot of the verbiage used in LOTO training and procedures, and discusses the various kinds of situations where lock out tag out can save life and limb.

Failure to properly lock out and tag out potentially dangerous equipment and machinery has caused countless accidents and many fatalities.  Just paying attention to OSHA bulletins drives home how dangerous it is to neglect this vital area of workplace safety.

Here is an online tutorial addressing a very common need for companies in terms of basic Lockout/Tagout awareness. Once you finish the video, be sure to take our Free Lockout/Tagout quiz to see how much you learned.

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