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How Do I Become a Certified Mold Inspector?

NAMP-Certified Mold Inspector Training Online

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Mold inspectors have the noble job of keeping the public safe by combating toxic mold that can tarnish air environments. Depending on state regulations, mold inspectors may be required to undergo mold inspector certification online to prove competency.

At OSHA Pros, LLC our OSHA training courses are designed to help you stay safe and perform your job efficiently. Through our mold inspector certification online we teach you how to become a NAMP-certified mold inspector and comply with mold remediation standards set by OSHA. These standards include General Environmental Controls (29 CFR 1910.141) and Construction (29 CFR 1926.51). Enroll in our mold certification online today to become an NAMP-certified mold inspector!

Mold Inspector Certification Online

Mold Inspector Certification

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In This Course

Topics Covered:

  • Identify the services the NAMP Certified Mold Inspector provides
  • Discuss the characteristics and health impact of Fungi and the criteria that indicate toxigenic mold
  • Describe the ways to control mold
  • Identify the tools and personal protective equipment used to detect mold
  • Identify the areas and methods used to inspect in the exterior and interior of building assemblies, including foundations, roofing, basements, crawlspaces, attics, and interior rooms
  • List mold testing procedures and legal requirements
  • Explain the interpretation of laboratory results

Approximate course length: 6 Hours

Pre-requisite: None

Language: English (student must be able to read and understand English to complete this course)

Testing: The final exam is composed of 10 questions and must be completed with a 70% to receive your certificate of completion.

Certification:  Upon your successful completion of the final exam, you will be able to print a certificate of completion. You may present your certificate to your employer or supervisor as evidence of your successful completion of this training course.

Refund Policy: 72 hours from purchase barring course completion.

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Female NAMP-Certified Mold InspectorMold Removal Certification Online

Even if your state does not require you to undergo mold certification online, it is never a bad idea to enroll in mold inspector certification online courses.

Through mold removal certification online you will learn all that you need to know to stay safe when removing mold and proper mold remediation practices to rid commercial and/or residential spaces from mold infestations. Here is what you can expect to learn from our mold removal certification online:

  • Mold Education
  • Identifying Infestations
  • Proper Sampling Methods
  • Testing Procedures
  • Interpreting Lab Results
  • Mold Remediation Practices, and more!

NAMP-Certified Mold Inspector Training

Our mold removal certification online enables you to become an NAMP- certified mold inspector. Complying with National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP) requirements, this mold certification online course developed by our team of Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) with over 20 years of experience, provides you with the knowledge required to identify mold hazards and mitigate risks effectively.

In addition to mold inspector certification online we provide a range of other OSHA Classes online to improve workplace safety and competency. From the convenience of our online platform, you can receive online OSHA certifications to further your professional knowledge and experience. Contact us to learn more about our other OSHA training courses online.

FAQs: Mold Certification Online

We are here to answer your questions about mold inspector certification online, which many include:

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6 Hour Mold Inspector Certification Online Training Course

Price: $495.00

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