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Mock OSHA Inspections

Federal OSHA compliance safety and health inspectors do not help employers by providing courtesy OSHA inspections at work sites to point out hazards and violations; these compliance officers only provide compliance inspections to determine if violations exist that will result in citations and possible monetary penalties being issued to the employer.

Employers can get professional assistance to gauge their level of compliance with applicable OSHA health and safety standards by having a mock-OSHA inspection performed by a safety consultant specializing in OSHA compliance. The employer may want the consultant to perform a comprehensive inspection of their entire operations, or a partial inspection limited in scope to a particular issue. In some instances, it may even be necessary to have an air survey and/or noise survey conducted by the consultant to determine if the employer is required to implement a respiratory protection program or hearing conservation program at their workplace.

OSHA Safety Posters - Training makes a differenceYou get what you pay for! Mock-OSHA inspections should be conducted by a qualified OSHA safety and health expert with an extensive background in OSHA compliance. Courtesy inspections provided by insurance company representatives often lack in depth and scope because their representatives may not have an adequate background in evaluating OSHA compliance on a comprehensive level. The employer should also expect to receive a comprehensive report from the inspector that advises the employer about apparent violations and recommendations for corrective action.