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Tips for Succeeding in the OSHA 30 Online Training

portrait of three smiling construction workers wearing safety gear on the jobOnline training courses offered by OSHA have helped thousands of workers recognize workplace hazards and minimize the risk of injury. Employees and managers who enroll in an OSHA 30 hour online training program demonstrate their commitment to safety and help protect their industry as a whole. However, succeeding in OSHA30 requires more than just a name on the class roster. How can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of the OSHA course you choose?

Have a Reliable Computer and Internet Access

Be sure to have access to a reliable computer and internet connection. You’ll need good internet speed and connectivity to view course files, watch instructional videos, and communicate with the instructor, if needed. If you don’t have a computer or internet access, you may be able to access the course at a local library.

Dedicate Time and Effort to the Course

Although OSHA online courses are accessible 24/7, you still need to allocate time in your schedule to review the course materials. A common misconception is that online classes are easier than those taught in a traditional classroom. The absence of direct student-instructor interaction and hands-on practice opportunities means students must take more initiative to structure their study sessions. While you have ample time to complete the course and earn your OSHA wallet card, don’t wait until the last minute. Make a schedule for yourself and commit to a deadline to finish the course.  Then set plan to use your study time in a distraction-free environment.  And, as you work through the course materials, observe and use what you have learned on the job.  This will help you get the most from the course and retain your new knowledge.

Pay Attention to Course Requirements

OSHA 30 hour online courses cover comprehensive topics including electrical safety, hazard recognition, and machine operation. You will need to demonstrate sound understanding of each topic in order to graduate from the program.

Exercise Your Critical Thinking Skills

Both the general and construction industry online OSHA30 courses require critical thinking that incorporates both facts and personal experience. In construction and other industrial fields, even a small oversight can result in a catastrophe. The OSHA workplace safety courses will enhance your ability to spot hazards, correct them, and prevent future hazards, all while observing OSHA safety guidelines. For example, you will learn what proper personal protective equipment to don before handling an electrical device.

Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

Communication is as crucial in an online class as it is on the job. Many workplace accidents can be avoided by simply addressing concerns with a manager. The same is true for your training experience. If you need help or have questions on the material, ask for help from the instructor. The more you understand and engage with the material, the more you’ll get out of the course to apply to your current and future jobs. The same rule applies to technology issues. If you have any trouble accessing course materials or using the online tools, let us know.

Choosing your OSHA 30 Online Course

Both of OSHA Pros’ 30-hour OSHA online courses come with a free study guide to prepare you for the exam. The online construction course teaches valuable information specific to construction and manufacturing. The general industry safety training course covers an array of safety topics you’ll likely encounter in the workplace. Enroll today and enhance your career with better safety knowledge to help protect yourself, and benefit your co-workers with a safer workplace environment.