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OSHA 10 Hour Certification Doesn’t Exist, but a 10 Hour Wallet Card Does

An electrician reading the manual to a ceiling fan prior to installing it.OSHA has set the standard for safety in construction and general industry since 1971. Thousands of workers each year enroll in OSHA 10 hour courses and learn how to protect themselves from workplace hazards. While OSHA course completion remains voluntary in several states, it demonstrates a commitment to safety and respect for the industry as a whole.

Can I Earn an OSHA 10 Certificate?

As a government agency, OSHA doesn’t issue official “certifications” for completing a workplace safety course. While you won’t become OSHA 10 “certified,” completing an onsite or online OSHA 10 safety training course earns you an official OSHA U.S. Department of Labor wallet card. The card is recognized by all 50 states.

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What Will I Learn in an OSHA 10 Certified Course?

OSHA 10 training teaches students how to identify and avoid mechanical, electrical, and chemical hazards in everyday work situations. You’ll learn how to reduce the risk of falls, toxic fume inhalation, electrical accidents, and more. In addition to saving lives, OSHA 10 courses help taxpayers save money and foster an industry-wide culture of safety.

OSHA 10 courses include:

  • An overview of worker rights and employer responsibilities
  • When and how to file a workplace safety complaint
  • Basic training on how to identify, avoid, and prevent workplace hazards

Will My 10 Hour OSHA Card Expire?

We get lots of questions about OSHA 10 and 30 expiration. So do your DOL wallet cards expire? Once you earn your student course completion card for the OSHA construction, general industry, or disaster site categories, it will not expire. However, it is recommended that you refresh your knowledge and training every year. We suggest you read this article to understand why it’s still important to keep renewing your training.

OSHA 10 hour cards issued for the maritime outreach training program expire after five years. You can renew your 10 hour maritime card by completing an update course before the expiration date.

Can I Earn an OSHA 10 Wallet Card Online?

Yes. OSHA offers 10 hour online courses for construction training and general industry safety. At your own convenience, you can learn about topics including fall prevention, material handling, personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency protocol. The construction course focuses more on materials and equipment safety, while the general industry course covers situations that can arise in any industrial setting. If you complete an OSHA 10 hour online course you will receive a OSHA 10 wallet card in the mail, the same card you would receive if you took it onsite with an authorized OSHA trainer.

How Many Types of OSHA 10 Wallet Cards Are There?

There are three types of OSHA: Trainer-issued OSHA 10 hour wallet cards: construction, general industry, and maritime. Students can also earn 30 hour cards for these same categories. A disaster site wallet card is available for students who complete the disaster site worker course.

A Wallet Card Is as Good as an OSHA 10 Certification

Earning an OSHA 10 wallet card demonstrates your ability to prevent workplace accidents and protect your rights as a worker. Workers and managers alike can benefit from an OSHA 10 training course. Enroll today and help make your company a safer place to work.