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3 Common Forklift Hazards

If you operate a forklift then you know that it’s a serious machine. Even if you’re having fun while doing it, driving a forklift can be an extremely dangerous task that comes with a long list of hazards too look out for!

While there are always risks of driving a forklift, the good news is that there are things you can do to prevent hazards and ensure workplace safety, starting with a forklift certification course.

Forklift Certification, Fall Protection Training, and H2S Training Here are 3 of the most common forklift hazards to look out for:

  • Attachments – Attachments not only affect your capacity, but can impact operating clearances. If not used properly, attachments can cause injury and damage to the workplace/employees.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you’re using the right attachments for your job. It’s also crucial that you do a thorough check of the entire lift before getting started on a job.

  • Blind Spots – Much like car accidents, unexpected forklift accidents can cause serious injuries and must be taken seriously. The forklift certification will teach drivers how to thoroughly check their blind spots to keep themselves and co-workers safe.

Pro Tip: Forklift operators should discourage foot traffic around work spaces where forklifts are being operated. This including blocking off sections or entire areas.

  • Loads – Insecure and unstable loads can be a huge workplace hazard– especially when working with hazardous materials. One drop can put an entire workplace in danger, so it’s crucial that loads are secure.

Pro Tip: Sometimes preventing a load hazard is as simple as double-checking that the load is secure. It only takes a minute, but could have a life-saving impact. 

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