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4 Covered Materials in OSHA Fall Protection Training

If you work in environments where falls can be deadly, then you need OSHA fall protection training! This unique training not only helps you remain productive on the job, but can save your life.

Here are four important materials covered in OSHA fall protection training courses:

  • Identify Fall Hazards

Man Laying on Floor with Coworker Helping Him with OSHA Fall Protection TrainingThis OSHA fall protection training course helps you and your team understand and recognize the common fall hazards of workplaces such as construction sites, warehouses, or any other location where falls may occur.

  • Minimize Risks

More than offering you education on how to identify fall hazards, this unique course teaches you the proper procedures and steps to take to minimize risks and avoid hazards altogether.

  • Personalized Fall Protection Systems

No matter what personalized fall protection system your workplace uses, this course provides you with education on how to manage personalized fall protection systems including the inspection, operation, maintenance, and disassembly of fall protection systems.

  • Fall Protection Equipment

Mitigating fall risks starts with understanding the technology and systems in place that minimize hazards. This course teaches trainees about the different fall protection technologies that your workplace may use and how to properly utilize them (hook-ups, anchorings, tie-off techniques, etc.).

At OSHA Pros LLC, we are dedicated to providing workplaces the resources they need to stay safe and healthy. Offering a wide range of convenient online courses, such as OSHA fall protection training, it’s our goal to increase education so you and your team can determine and mitigate workplace risks. Whether you’re a construction worker, warehouse manager, tradesmen, or just interested in learning, we’re here to offer you the education you need to be OSHA-compliant on the job.

Covering a vast range of course materials in a comprehensive and convenient online platform, our OSHA fall protection training offers a complete educational experience with practical examples so you can easily retain the information given. Need OSHA fall protection training? Contact us today to sign up for your online course!