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40-Hour HAZWOPER Training — Who Needs It?

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training (HAZWOPER) is essential for anyone disposing of, treating, storing, or cleaning up hazardous materials. This training standard ensures those working with dangerous materials know how to handle them.

40-Hour HAZWOPER Training, 24-Hour HAZWOPER, and 8-Hour HAZWOPERTo ensure proper safety practices, workers will undergo the necessary HAZWOPER training based on their experience and job type. There are three main types of training covered within this standard:

  • Site clean-up – Section (e)
  • RCRA treatment, storage, and disposal facilities – Section (p)
  • Emergency response – Section (q)

General site clean-up (section E) contains various courses — 8-hour training for supervisors, 8-hour refresher course, and 24-hour and 40-hour courses. These courses help educate and train workers to improve working conditions when working with hazardous materials.

Here, we will explain what the 40-hour course entails and who needs to complete this version of HAZWOPER training.

Understanding The 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training

The comprehensive 40-hour HAZWOPER training educates general site workers on a variety of health and safety topics. This course provides knowledge about the use of PPE (personal protective equipment), hazardous materials, and what to do in emergencies. It also goes over how to decontaminate waste products, storage, knowledge of site characterization, and other safety and procedural methods to keep the worksite safe.

Who Needs This Training? 

Anyone working at a site that contains hazardous materials should get the 40-hour HAZWOPER training — either for initial training or for a refresher course. Workers who deal with clean up, storage, decontamination, and so forth would benefit from obtaining HAZWOPER regulation training. This training can enforce safety regulations, prevent injuries, saves money, and helps workers maintain OSHA regulations on the job.

Who Offers The 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training Course? 

There are various options for those who need to take the 40-hour HAZWOPER training course, such as OSHA hazardous waste online courses at OSHA.NET.  The training curriculum is supported by Android and iOS devices, making it easier than ever to complete your HAZWOPER course. There are also hands-on options available.

Working on-site with hazardous materials is a lot of responsibility and hard work. To stay up to date with essential training and courses, check out OSHA’s online training programs for HAZWOPER E and P training, OSHA safety courses at OSHA.NET, and more. OSHA dedicates itself to providing exceptional knowledge and expertise to prepare for dangerous work environments, protecting you and those who work among you.