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A Brief Forklift Guide for Dummies

Forklifts are not only one of the most useful technologies for warehouses, but forklifts are a useful tool for builders. Enabling companies to move heavy objects and loads, forklifts help workers from various trades get the job done quicker.

While it is no secret that forklifts are useful, it may come as a surprise to you that not all forklifts are the same. Check out this brief ‘forklift guide for dummies’ to learn more about this powerful technology:

  • Sit-Down Forklift Models

Two Men Smiling Sitting and Standing by a Forklift for Forklift Certification Training Sit down forklifts are a low-profile forklift model that are ideal for long-term use. If a worker does not intend to mount and dismount the forklift frequently, then this comfortable sit-down model is the right choice for businesses. Sit-down forklifts also tend to be faster than stand up lifts.

  • Stand Up Forklift Models

While the stand-up forklift has a shorter head length than the sit-down model, stand up forklifts provide operators more room to move in tight spaces. These forklifts have multi-functional handles that are capable of carrying loads from 2K to 6K pounds, depending on the model.

  • Picking the Right Forklift

When it comes to picking the right forklift for you needs you should consider:

  • Will operators be leaving the vehicle often?
  • What type of floor?
  • What products need moving?
  • How far will the forklift be traveling in a day?

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