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A Brief Guide to H2S Recertification Training

It does not matter where you work or who you are, if you are at risk of coming in contact with hydrogen sulfide on the job, then you need to take an H2S certification course. Even if you have already completed your H2S certification, it is necessary for you to complete annual H2S recertification courses so you stay updated on the dangers and safety procedures related to H2S.

When you register for H2S recertification training, here’s what you can expect:

What is H2S Certification?

The H2S certification course is designed to educate you on the risks of hydrogen sulfide. While the risks of hydrogen sulfide don’t change, the best practices for mitigating H2S risks are constantly adapting, which is why it is important for you to receive annual H2S recertification.

Materials Covered

H2S Recertification, H2S Training, and H2S Training CertificationThis training course covers a vast range of materials related to H2S safety, including:

  • Recollection of dangers of hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Refresher on characteristics of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Reminder of hydrogen sulfide exposure limits.
  • Wind direction importance and awareness, and more!

Course Details

It is our goal to make our online training as convenient as possible, which is why we allow you to access this course from the remote location of your choosing 24/7 for 180 days. You will also receive a printable certification upon the completion of this recertification course.

At OSHA Pros, LLC we proudly offer a range of certifications and recertifications, including H2S recertification training. Through OSHA.net, we provide our trainees with interactive and convenient learning experiences that are created to promote learning and retention. Designed as a refresher training to H2S certification, trainees will be informed of all applicable changes and updates in H2S safety, and taught the proper precautions and procedures to take to mitigate hydrogen sulfide risks.

As just a short 1-2 hour course, H2S recertification is accessible from your home computer, or other location of choice. Don’t have time to finish your recertification right away? No problem! You will have 24/7 access to this course for 180 days. Get in touch with us today to register for H2S recertification!