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A Brief Guide to Stand Up Forklift Training

Stand up forklift operators require training – specific stand up forklift training—this is critical to everyone’s safety.  Not only does stand up forklift training ensure that teams are safe while operating forklift machinery, it helps to keep your fellow workers safe and improves the efficiency of the entire operation.

Covered Materials

Forklift Holding Boxes Inside of Warehouse for Stand Up Forklift TrainingDifferent from sit down forklift training, stand up forklift training experiences offer education on a wide selection of materials specific to stand up forklift operation, such as:

     Types of forklifts

     Forklift inspections

     Required records

     Forklift anatomy

     Mitigating hazards

     Maintenance, and more!


Stand up forklift training and certifications are required for any workplace employee that operates a stand up forklift. We also recommend that anyone that works around stand up forklift receive a basic level of safety training.

Forklift Training Renewal

In general, you will need to renew your stand up forklift certification every three years to ensure that you/your team are updated on the latest safety standards of forklift operation. If, however, a forklift-related incident occurs before three years is up, you will be required to renew training.

At OSHA Pros LLC, we provide workers with stand up forklift training that covers an extensive range of topics to improve workplace safety and efficiency. Available from a convenient online platform, our stand up forklift training course uses practical examples and innovative teaching techniques to improve learning retention so you and your team are always equipped with the knowledge needed to safely operate stand up forklift technology.

With years of experience offering in-person and virtual educational courses, we have kept up with the latest trends, technologies, and advancements in OSHA-compliant education to provide you with the knowledge needed to mitigate stand up forklift hazards and risks. From safety procedures, risk identification, and forklift maintenance, this course cuts no corners! To learn more about stand up forklift training, and register for the course, contact us today!