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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Rigging Certification Training

So, you have been told that you need rigging certification training, now what? While rigging certification training is an important part of any signalman’s job, there is still some confusion about what rigging certification training actually entails. We are here to clear up the confusion by answering all of your most frequently asked questions about rigging certification training, which may include:

  • What are my job responsibilities as a signal person?

Man performing hand signals for crane for Rigging Certification Training If you are a signal person, then you have a very important job to do. Here are some of the responsibilities of being a signalman:

  • Rigging items properly to ensure safety
  • Communicating with crane and heavy machinery operators
  • Effectively using hand signals
  • What should I expect from rigging certification training?

When you sign up for rigging certification training you will receive education on the following topics:

  • An introduction to rigging
  • Hand signals
  • Estimating weights
  • Chapters on sling angles
  • Rigging gear
  • Common safety hazards
  • How do I prove that I am a qualified signal person?

Once you complete the rigging certification training on OSHA.net, we will present you with a printable certification that you can keep handy as proof of job qualification.

At OSHA Pros, LLC we offer a wide selection of OSHA-compliant training and certifications, including rigging certification training. Available from the convenience of our online platform via OSHA.net, you can study at your own pace and from the comfort of the environment of your choosing. Ideal for signalmen who communicate with crane and heavy machinery operators, our rigging certification training covers a range of topics to keep you safe on the job. From identifying common safety hazards, hand signals, weight estimation, and more, this course covers all the information you require.

To take rigging certification training, you do not need to fulfill any prerequisites. This course is fully online and available 24-7 for your convenience. Contact us for more information and register for rigging certification training today!