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Confined Space Certification

When your job requires working in confined spaces, it is important to have confined space certification. Whether you are a driver and operator for vacuum and pump trucks or an electrician or insulator that may work in confined spaces, it is important to have the knowledge of confined space certification. When you work in a confined space, there are dangers and difficulties you may face. You can get physically trapped or be exposed to toxic substances. These difficulties, and others, are the reason to invest your time in confined space certification.

Confined Space Certification Options

Confined Space Certification and Confined Space Training OnlineMany jobs would benefit from the confined space certification. Construction workers, entry supervisors, safety managers, space entrants and foreman should invest time in taking the confined space certification. There are two options:

  • The first is taking the class together as a group, for the in-person classroom presentation. If the timing does not work well for everyone, the second option may be better.
  • The confined space certification can be taken online. Each member of your group can plan to take the course, at their leisure, in the office or at home. Often, companies prefer the online confined space certification course because it takes less time for each worker to complete the course than it would take to schedule a class with all the different work schedules.

Protect Yourself with Confined Space Certification

Taking the confined space certification means some of the items you will be learning about are:

  • Confined spaces
  • The history of OSHA confined space regulations
  • Atmospheric monitoring
  • The Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Program. This certification helps you understand the possible factors you may face, when in a confined space.

When you work in a confined space, whether for a few minutes or many hours, it is important to have knowledge the confined space training and certification provides. Without this training, you can easily be overcome in a confined space, and may not know the best way to handle dangerous situations.

By taking this course, and understanding the information, you are giving yourself extra protection, every time you head into a confined space. Whether you work in tanks, manholes, silos or pipelines or other confined spaces, it is important to understand how to keep yourself safe. Taking the confined space certification will offer you the information you need when an issue occurs. For more information on confined space certification, call OSHA.NET at 1-866-265-5813.