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Crane Rigging Certification/Training

You likely have seen cranes in operation, lifting heavy materials to help build a large building, or lifting equipment, tools, or other items for workers to have what they need to keep working. But how do they communicate with the team around them on the ground? What if the crane operator can’t see some areas around the load they are lifting? How do they know when to do what? And how are those things loaded onto the crane in the first place? All of these questions and more are covered in the OSHA.net online course for Crane Rigging Certification/Training. While the course is a compact 90-minute experience, it has answers for all of these questions and more so that you can be certified to help lift those materials and tools for your fellow builders.

Hand Signals Certification

Crane Rigging Certification/Training and Fall Protection TrainingBeing the signal person on a job site for a crane operation is a very important role. They are the direct communication line to the crane operator, and they help to keep the entire job site safe with efficient and effective hand signals and other communication methods. Understanding these commonly used hand signals allow for a job site to continue working seamlessly without needing to shout over other noise, including from the crane itself as it works. It is important to note that the crane operator may not have full vision in the area where they are working and lifting materials. This is where hand signals are important between the crane operator and the signal person, as the signal person can extend the vision of the crane operator and provide the proper signals for how to lift, when to lift, and when and where to move.

Crane Rigging Certification

Along with the hand signals, knowing how to rig loads for cranes is also important. Any shifting of the load when it is suspended in the air could be dangerous, and possibly fatal in extreme cases. Loads that are odd-sized or attached at a single point can prove challenging, and utilizing additional guide lines from the load is helpful to ensure that it won’t twist and to help position it in a final resting place when it is at the right location. Being able to take the Crane Rigging Certification online through OSHA.net makes being certified easy. You will be able to fully understand crane operations and assist with ensuring the safe moving of materials and tools by rigging them properly to the crane hook.