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Five Dangers of Working in Confined Spaces

Regardless of industry, there may be risks that come along with any job. However, individuals that have physically demanding jobs are at higher risk to physical harm. Amongst the most common risks for general industry and construction workers are confined space hazards, which is why these workers must undergo confined space certification training to stay safe on the job.

Man Getting into Small Space for Confined Space CertificationNot sure what the actual dangers of confined spaces are? Here are five of the most common dangers of confined spaces:

  • No Oxygen – If you are laboring in a confined space, then you are at risk of running out of oxygen. This happens due to naturally occurring reactions in certain soils.
  • Floods – Flooding is a common danger of working in confined spaces. Not only can flooding lead to drowning, but it can cause trenches to collapse, which can also be deadly.
  • Gasses/Fumes – The buildup of fumes and gasses in confined spaces can create a toxic atmosphere and an unsafe working environment.
  • Dust – Dust not only can increase your chances of respiratory issues, but increase fire and explosion risks.
  • Temperature – Certain confined spaces can lead to the increase of your body temperature, which may cause heat strokes, exhaustion, or fainting.

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