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Get Your Mold Certification Online and Become a NAMP-Certified Mold Inspector

Mold is a more significant issue than you might realize. It not only affects the cleanliness of spaces but also the overall safety of the environment. Mold remediation experts play a crucial role in identifying and addressing mold issues, ensuring that spaces are safe and healthy for occupants.

But how do you go about becoming a mold remediation expert?

Mold Certification OnlineObtaining a mold certification online is essential for anyone looking to become a NAMP-certified mold inspector. This certification equips trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to identify potential mold infestations, understand the health risks associated with mold exposure, and implement appropriate remediation measures.

This online course was produced in partnership with the NAMP – National Association of Mold Professionals, ensuring that it meets industry standards and requirements. Dr. Edward P. Malone, M.S., CMI, CMR, a subject matter expert, contributed to the course’s development, ensuring its accuracy and sound educational content.

The mold certification online course covers a range of important topics and seeks to arm trainees with essential knowledge, like how to:

  • Identify the services provided by a NAMP Certified Mold Inspector.
  • Describe the characteristics and health impact of fungi and the criteria for toxigenic mold.
  • Discuss methods to control mold.
  • Identify tools used to detect mold and proper PPE.
  • Recognize areas and methods used to inspect building exteriors and interiors.
  • Understand mold testing procedures and legal requirements.
  • Interpret laboratory results.

The convenience of an online course means you can complete it at your own pace, with the entire course taking only six hours to complete!

At OSHA Pros, LLC we provide convenient mold certification online through OSHA.net. Our courses are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become NAMP-certified mold inspectors. With our commitment to safety and expertise in online education, we are the preferred choice for mold certification training. Get in touch with us today to enroll in mold certification online and take the first steps towards a rewarding career as a mold remediation expert!