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HAZWOPER Refresher Training

To protect workers at hazardous sites, OSHA uses the HAZWOPER program, which provides the essential training needed. This program ensures the safety and health of workers, as long as the guidelines are followed. When being exposed to hazardous materials is inevitable, then it is necessary to take the 24 hour HAZWOPER or 40 hour HAZWOPER. These training courses must be passed and will last for a year. The 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher training must be taken every 12 months. This refresher course meets the requirements in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120.

When to Take HAZWOPER Refresher Training

When employees will be exposed to hazardous materials, they must meet the requirements of passing the 24 or 40 hour HAZWOPER training. In addition, they will need a day of field training from the employer. Every year after, each worker must take the HAZWOPER refresher course to make sure they are up to date on all the regulations and safety measures. This refresher training course is taken online, every 12 months, for the convenience of employees who work at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. This course is affordable and available whenever you have time to take it. This 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher course is a way for workers to stay up to date on safety practices, learn new information, and remain vigilant during their workday, to avoid any possible problems. This refresher training will also complete OSHA’s requirement for updated training. If the refresher training course is not taken during the previous 12 months, it may be required to take the initial training over again.

Eight Module HAZWOPER Refresher Training Course

When working at locations with uncontrolled hazardous waste operations, as well as those involved in emergency response situations, the 8 hour HAZWOPER training online must be taken every 12 months. OSHA.NET offers an 8-module course, which requires approximately 8 hours to complete. Each module ends with a quiz and at the completion, a 20-question final exam is given. You must have at least a 80% score to pass.

Jobs that specifically qualify for this additional training are:

  • equipment operators
  • general laborers
  • hazardous materials technicians
  • hazardous materials specialists
  • hazardous materials supervisors
  • on-scene incident commanders
  • on-site management
  • supervisory personnel
  • and other general site workers

If workers do not take the refresher course within the 12 months of their previous HAZWOPER training, they will be required to retake the initial training. For more information on the HAZWOPER refresher training course visit, contact OSHA.NET.