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How Do I Become a Professional Forklift Operator?

Are you curious how to become a professional, certified forklift operator? Even if you already have the skills needed to operate a forklift, you need the proper education to stay safe and OSHA-compliant on the job.

Forklift Operator Certification OnlineThat is where the forklift operator certifications come in. Available both virtually and in person, forklift operator certifications online/in person provide education on a wide range of topics to ensure the safety and efficiency of job sites.

The OSHA standards required for sit down and stand up forklift certifications include:

  • Forklift operators must know how to properly perform their job safely and prove it through workplace evaluations.
  • Every three years, employers have the responsibility to test their certified sit down or stand up forklift operators for forklift operation competence.
  • When a certified forklift operator fails to demonstrate safe and proper forklift operation, they must undergo refresher training. Keep in mind that it is the employer’s responsibility to mandate refresher training.
  • To ensure the proper forklift operator training, trainees must undergo a combination of stand up or sit-down forklift training that includes practical training, formal instruction, and regular performance evaluations.

At OSHA Pros, LLC we ensure that sit down and stand-up forklift operators receive the proper certification they require through our OSHA.NET forklift operator certification online. Covering a wide range of topics related to OSHA compliance for professional forklift operation, we ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge you need to stay safe on the job and keep others safe as well.

With regard for various industries and materials you will be handling with your forklift, our forklift operator certification online prepares you for the job by highlighting safety standards related to the proper operation of sit down or stand up forklift machines. Contact us today to register for forklift operator certification online today!