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Is an Online Training Course to Get Forklift Certification Worth It?

As the world moves toward e-commerce and delivery-centric retail, heavy equipment operators are beginning to see the versatility of forklift trucks, a mainstay in any warehouse and cargo facility. Forklifts are one of America’s favorite all-purpose industrial vehicles, and they have a wide variety of uses in construction sites and ports.

With new Amazon fulfillment centers and Walmart stores opening throughout the country, more and more cargo operators are looking to get their forklift operator certificates. But is learning to drive a forklift worth it? Do forklift operators make enough to justify the money and energy you’ll spending on getting your certification?

The Benefits of Learning to Operate a Lift Truck

Forklift Certification and Fall Protection Training OnlineSigning up for an online forklift certification training course with hands-on training can be one of the most profitable career moves you can make. People who drive forklifts for a living make $33,000 to $43,000 per year, although it can vary wildly depending on your employer and industry experience.

Learning to drive a forklift and the associated safety procedures, even only through an online course, will help you prepare for an in-demand career. You will be able to move heavy appliances, furniture, and equipment parts in warehouses, construction sites, and airports. The list of your possible work environments as a forklift operator is virtually endless, and professional drivers love that about their job.

You can work in oil exploration platforms, hauling engine parts and equipment from one end of the rig onto another. You can work on freight ships where you’ll get numerous bonuses, including hazard pay. You can also help with:

  • Events like concerts and weddings
  • Unloading cargo on docks and airports
  • Maintenance work on skyscrapers and mansions
  • And much more

How You Can Get a Forklift Certification

You can study forklift operations in trade schools and private training centers with accreditation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA compliance is important when choosing a training center, as most employers in the United States will demand your forklift certification is OSHA-compliant.

Many companies offer OSHA-compliant training for their employees because they want to see them improve their skills and rise through the ranks. To get your forklift certification, you must:

  • Enroll in a certification program
  • Pass practical assessments with a qualified trainer after completing your training modules
  • Ensure your certificate denotes that you underwent an OSHA-compliant training program

Get Your Forklift Certification from OSHA.net

At OSHA.net, we design our forklift certification programs to keep you and your co-workers safe at any job site. For enrollment inquiries or any questions about online forklift certification, contact us today, and take the next step toward this in-demand career.