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Mold Inspector Salary

We are all looking for stability in our lives. While your career is not everything, your chosen career does play a big part in your overall satisfaction, so you must choose wisely.

Surely you may not have dreamed of becoming a mold inspector as a child, but as you explore the career further, you may discover that becoming a mold inspector can be an extremely satisfying career choice, especially if you like getting out and about and working with your hands.

Mold Certification Online Mold inspectors have several diverse responsibilities that range from taking mold samples, testing mold, mitigating mold risks, and preventing the further spread of mold to keep homes, businesses, and other institutions safe– it is a very important profession!

But how much money can a mold inspector actually make? You may be surprised to find that it can be quite lucrative.

On average mold inspectors make $37,288 a year, which calculates to approximately $18 per hour. While the minimum salary for mold inspection falls around 30K, some mold inspectors in the US, especially those working in California, can earn 40-45K annually.

If you are interested in a career in mold inspection then first thing is first, you must undergo mold certification online training!

At OSHA Pros, LLC we proudly offer a wide selection of workplace certifications and training courses, such as mold certification online training, all from the convenience of OSHA.net. Through this course it is our goal to provide mold inspectors and other professionals with the training required to mitigate the health risk of mold. Complying with standards set and enforced by the National Association of Mold Professionals (NAMP), this comprehensive training course covers several topics including mold education, interpretation of lab results, proper mold sampling methods, PPE, and much more.

Upon completion of this course trainees will receive their certification and can successfully continue their career in mold inspection. Contact us directly to learn more about mold certification online training or enroll in this course here.