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MSHA Certifications

It’s important to have all workers at a mine site complete their MSHA certification. Before a new miner can step onto the mining property, they need to have at least four hours of MSHA training. The new miner must complete at least 24 hours of training, within the first 90 days of work. This stated proof of training or retraining for already working miners comes from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Surface miners and surface mining contractors must complete a refresher training course each year, which must be a minimum of eight hours, in order to receive the MSHA certification. These refresher courses cover any changes which could harm or affect a miner’s health along with health and safety topics surrounding operations at a mine.

Training Courses for MSHA Certifications

MSHA Certifications, MSHA Training, and NFPA 70E CertificationMSHA certifications cover many courses, including Hazardous Chemicals, Emergency Spill Response, Electrical Hazards, and miners’ rights. Miners and surface mining contractors present at a mining site must take these training requirements to receive the MSHA certification. The reason surface mining contractors are included in this required course work is because regulations state a miner is any person who works in mining operations, which include drilling, blasting, extraction, mine development, milling, crushing, screening of mineral at a mine, sizing of minerals, any maintenance or repair of equipment and all associated hauling of materials within the mine. This applies to truck drivers and heavy machine operators. These courses will provide a solid foundation for workers to be aware of all possible problems which can arise.

Training to Complete MSHA Certifications

MSHA Part 46 training is required for contractors and machinery operators, as well as miners interested in working at a surface mine. This training delves into the dangers lurking at mine sites. It also provides legal compliance information, workers protection information, and emergency services and safety protocols. Other topics covered to gain MSHA certification are first aid, CPR, and accident prevention. Also covered are electrical and chemical hazards on the job site as well as identifying and reporting environmental hazards. The rights of miners and miners’ representatives is also covered during the online or in person MSHA certification class.

Learning to comply with OSHA regulations by taking and passing the MSHA certification, creates a safe and healthy workplace for those working in the mines as well as surface mining contractors. For more information on MSHA certifications, visit our MSHA Certification section, or call 866-265-5813.