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MSHA Training

Miners and operators must meet all training mandates provided by The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). MSHA helps miners by providing guidance, materials, and hands-on assistance, which will help operators and miners. They have training which must be completed and will use the assistance provided by MSHA. Mine operators are aware that they must maintain a training plan that is effective, and all miners must take basic and annual refresher training, according to Federal law. There are many health hazards when working in a mine. Each day you must be prepared for cave-ins, explosions, electricity, dust, chemicals, and more. This and more is covered in the MSHA training from OSHA.NET.

Mines are Safer with MSHA Training

MSHA Training, MSHA Certification, and NFPA 70E Training CertificationAdvances in safety equipment and new legislation have made mines safer. There is more than one mine safety training course available, so the type of mine worked at will determine which MSHA training is required. Surface mines, such as gravel, sand, surface clay, surface stone, colloidal phosphate, surface limestone, and shell dredging operations need to have employees take the MSHA Part 46 training.

All underground mines, surface/non-metal mines, as well as surface coal mines require the MSHA Part 48 training. Both trainings have specific information for each type of mine and both can be taken, if needed, for work.

MSHA Training in Person or Online from OSHA.NET

Whether you are directly involved in mining operations or you work at a mine, but don’t directly deal with mining, you can take the MSHA training online. This online course can be taken during your free time, at home, or at work. Miner safety training is available to many workers, regardless of their position, according to MSHA Part 46.

Contractors, construction workers, supervisors, and rank and file miners are all able to take MSHA Part 46. Compliance, is the key to safety, which is why MSHA training is imperative, for new and experienced miners. MSHA training done online at OSHA.NET teaches all the information needed to obtain MSHA certification.

Some of the items taught online are the types, physical characteristics, and operations of surface mines. Site rules and emergency procedures are also taught. You will learn about accident prevention, first aid/CPR, and emergency procedures.

This course will also cover identifying and reporting environmental, chemical, and electrical hazards on the job. The MSHA training is necessary for anyone that will be working in or near a mine site.

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