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MSHA Training

When working in a mine, safety must be the first priority. The Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) is in place to help miners, whether they need guidance or materials to help them attain needed training. The training is mandatory and according to federal law, all miners must take training courses annually to refresh themselves of the basics. Mine operators are also expected to have a training plan in place. There are numerous health hazards lurking, when you work in a mine. Everything from explosions, to chemicals, cave-ins, electricity, and dust can be hazardous to your health. The MSHA training also provides guidance on miners’ rights.

Training and Safety from MSHA

MSHA Training, EM 385 Training, MSHA Certification, OSHA Training OnlineLegislation, along with advances in safety equipment, have made mines safer for workers.  MHSA training courses are different, depending on the type of mine. Surface mines require MSHA Part 46 safety training. This specifically trains miners when working sand, gravel, surface clay, surface limestone, gravel, surface stone, shell dredging, and colloidal phosphate mines. MSHA Part 46 training is available to rank and file miners, supervisors, contractors, and construction workers. Whether you work in the mine or above ground, at the mine, you should take part in miner safety training that is specific to your position. They also offer MSHA Part 48 which provides safety training for all underground mines, surface coal mines, and a few surface/non-metal mines.

MSHA Online Training

Online MSHA training is available for miners. This online course can be done during their free time. As with in person training, the online course covers all the OSHA required safety standards. There is an online course for every type of mining. If you are new to mining, then training is a must before you can begin work. Mines can be dangerous places if you are not well versed on how to handle different situations which may arise. That’s why OSHA.NET provides you with new mining training as well as the refresher course, which needs to be taken annually.

Whether you take the MSHA training online or in person, you will learn a great deal about mines. From the physical characteristics of surface mines to the types and operations, you will cover all of this in the MSHA training. You will go over site rules and emergency procedures, as well as accident prevention, first aid, and CPR. This course also trains you how to identify and report environmental hazards on the job site, as well as electrical and chemical hazards. For more information on MSHA Training visit our MSHA Training Section or call 866-265-5813.