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New York City Site Safety Training

If you are doing construction or demolition work in the City of New York, you hopefully have heard that you may need to have a Worker Site-Safety Card in order to work on the job site. Local Law 196 was passed in 2017, and it had a phased approach to implementing the full law with workers and businesses in New York City. Not all job sites meet the criteria to require workers to have the Worker Site-Safety Card, and the city itself will provide a regularly updated website where job sites are listed stating if they require it or not. Once you have your worker card, it is valid for a period of five years.

History of Phased Approach to New SST

NYC SST Training, H2S Training, OSHA Certification, and OSHA HAZWOPERTo give construction and demolition workers enough time to meet the updated training standards, the Department of Buildings divided the training requirements into several stages. Each stage has a deadline, and workers must complete a certain number of training hours by that date to stay on the job. The first stage had a deadline of March 1, 2018, where all workers needed to have at least 10 hours of OSHA training completed by that date.

The second phase had a deadline of December 1, 2019, and this mandated that all workers needed to have 30 hours of OSHA training to obtain a limited SST card. Supervisors needed to also have an additional 32 hours of OSHA training beyond the 30-hour general training. The third and final phase had a deadline of March 1, 2021, which indicated that all workers needed to have their SST card, which is valid for five years. This meant adding an additional 10 hours of OSHA training for a total of 40 hours of OSHA training since the first phase deadline.

New York City SST Training

OSHA.net is an approved provider for NYC SST training as part of this total training that is required by Local Law 196. This site safety training course is 10 hours in total, split into two segments. The first segment is a 2-hour session on Drug and Alcohol Awareness on the job site, and the second segment is an 8-hour session on Fall Prevention on the job site. Both of these segments of the full course can be taken online and completed when it works best for your schedule. The flexibility that OSHA.net provides with their courses means that it is easier to get your certifications and training when you have the time, and you still get all of the information you need to be fully trained.