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NFPA 70E Certification

Job training is important, especially when dealing with electricity. It is important to understand electrical safety standards before beginning any job that put you near electricity. The best course to take to prepare you for any arc flash events is the NFPA 70E Certification. This course will guide you in measures that can be used to reduce hazards from arc flash events. The overview consists of segments on basic electrical concepts, and it shares with you the circumstances that could cause the risk of arc flashes. You will also learn electrical industry standards and hazard control measures to be aware of when working on or near equipment that could pose threat for arc flashes. As arc flashes are dangerous, the regulations for electrical and fire will be covered in detail.

Safe Work Practices for NFPA 70E Certification

NFPA 70E Certification, MSHA Certification, and MSHA Training Safe work practices are a must and that means employee education is necessary.  All workers must understand the dangers when an arc flash event occurs, as well as additional electrical risks. In addition to learning about the potential dangers, you will also learn how to prevent serious injury or death. The written safety program should always discuss training procedures and identify if the employee understands the importance of these safety regulations. This is the key to the level of qualification and permission needed to work on all energized equipment. Knowing when danger can occur is the best prevention.

Arc Flash Safety Training for NFPA 70E Certification

Understanding the basic vocabulary and concepts of arc flash occurrences and arc flash safety are paramount to a safe work environment. NFPA 70E Certification will teach you the vocabulary and concepts, so you understand what you are facing, each time you go to work. Other segments that will be taught are the properties of electricity and electricity measurements. Understanding what an arc flash is, will help you to recognize the typical causes and severity factors. This training will also offer electrical industry statistics, so you know just how common it could be, if not trained properly. Learning the hazards and safety standards not only protects you but also your coworkers. This course will train you in Arc Flash hazards, electrical current properties, and electric shock injuries. It also covers metal vaporization properties, vaporized metal, and shrapnel injuries, and concussion properties. Making you aware of what could happen to you or a coworker is imperative. Once you understand the severity of danger, you will behave in a manner to keep yourself and others safe. This training will also cover burn properties, burn injuries, flash properties, flash injuries, and vaporized metal and shrapnel injuries. Responding to downed or contacted energized lines can also be a safety factor for each worker that will be covered in this training. For more information on NFPA 70E Certification, reach out to OSHA.net at 866-265-5813 or visit www.osha.net.