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OSHA Fall Protection Program

OSHA Fall Protection training is critically important for all employees. This online training is ideal for tradesmen as well as workers on any job site. Fall protection is a must for any employees that utilize personal fall protection systems. Warehouses, construction sites, high rises, and anywhere else where falls may occur, employees need to be trained on fall protection. Some topics that are covered in OSHA.NET’s Fall Protection Program are:

  • OSHA Fall Protection Program and Fall Protection Training OnlineCorrect use of personal fall protection equipment and systems
  • Proper procedures deployed to minimize hazards
  • Installing and inspecting systems
  • Operating and maintaining personal fall protection systems
  • Assembling and disassembling fall protection systems
  • Recognizing and understanding fall hazards

During the OSHA.NET Fall Protection Program, you will also learn proper utilization including anchoring, hook up, and tie-off techniques. Equipment inspection and storage procedures are also an important part of this program. It is an absolute must for all employees in these areas to participate in fall training procedure education.

A variety of fall protection training courses are offered, including certification courses, to ensure your employees have appropriate and timely training to remain safe.

Fall Protection Training and Certification

In order to use and maintain these systems appropriately, fall protection training must be completed. Fall protection training spans over multiple industries, wherever fall protection systems are deployed. The construction industry is only one example where fall protection training can be effectively deployed. Utility workers, painters, electricians, and energy workers could also benefit from this training. Occupational health and safety jobs, line managers, team leads, and staff workers are perfect candidates for fall training. Workers who are in other jobs that require fall training would also benefit. Fall protection training can be completed in person or can be completed online at OSHA.net.

Complete Fall Protection Training Online!

Your team now has access to the information and training right when they need it. The fall protection training and certification program is inexpensive and convenient. Having access to this course online ensures that your employees receive proper training that is self-paced and available at their convenience. Being that these courses are online versus traditional instructor led courses, makes the courses more cost effective. Read more about our fall protection courses and register for this critical training. OSHA.net is your first line of defense for guides, standards, and training.