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OSHA.NET Provides 8-Hour HAZWOPER Online Training Course

OSHA.net has created online training courses to protect individuals who work on hazardous sites. The OSHA regulations ensure the health and safety of workers on the job. The different programs that OSHA offers depend on the length of daily exposure to hazardous materials.

Completing OSHA training and earning a certification helps you stay safe through in-depth knowledge of handling and disposing of hazardous materials.

What Kinds of HAZWOPER Training Courses are Available?

8-Hour HAZWOPER, 24-Hour HAZWOPER, and 40-Hour HAZWOPEROSHA.NET has 24-hour and 40-hour HAZWOPER online courses for workers who require advanced training to deal with hazardous materials. Once workers complete one of these courses, an 8-hour review course will be required annually to maintain their certification.

The HAZWOPER training course covers information on safety when dealing with bloodborne pathogens, paint, solvents, asbestos, and pesticides. Learning the best practices for dealing with hazardous wastes and emergencies is a requirement for OSHA certification. The course also covers information on toxicology, respiratory protection, site control, and decontamination.

What Companies Need HAZWOPER Training?

HAZWOPER training is important for companies whose employees work in the presence of hazardous materials. For example, construction, healthcare, transportation, and lawn care industries regularly use hazardous materials that could lead to health problems if improperly handled. Occupations that may benefit from HAZWOPER training include:

  • Medical technician
  • Painter
  • Electrician
  • Construction worker
  • Miner
  • Lawn care professional

If you are applying for a job that involves handling hazardous materials, your employer may ask that you complete the HAZWOPER training certification.

Minimize Your Health Risk with HAZWOPER Online Training

Exposure to chemicals can create life-threatening situations or a dangerous build-up of gasses, which can be deadly if left unidentified and unmanaged.

The online HAZWOPER training courses provide the proper guidance for handling hazardous materials, so employees know how to protect themselves. The training also gives you the resources to know how to act in an emergency. HAZWOPER online training covers the following:

  • Decontamination
  • Toxicology
  • Detecting hazardous materials
  • Levels of protection
  • Site safety planning
  • Hazard communication
  • Hazard waste
  • Respirators

OSHA’s HAZWOPER standard requires workers and supervisors at uncontrolled hazardous waste operations to be retrained in these areas every year. The online training gives you the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to handling hazardous materials to protect yourself and those around you. The 8-hour HAZWOPER online training is available online for your convenience. Ask us for more information!