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OSHA Training Online

Those working in occupational health and safety careers understand that OSHA training online is a wonderful way to learn the information, while still able to work a full day. These courses are available at your convenience, whether that is after work or on the weekend. OSHA training online is a simple and easy way to learn the information needed, at your own pace, to be safe at work. Whether you need general industry or construction industry courses, they are available to you to take online.

OSHA Training Online for a Host of Classes

OSHA Training OnlineOSHA training online is available fromOSHA.NET for a multitude of courses.  This includes the OSHA 10-hour online training, the OSHA 30-hour online training, OSHA HAZWOPER courses, and other online safety training courses from mold inspector certification, confined space entry training, personal protective equipment, and stand-up forklift training.

There are many courses to choose from to fulfill your OSHA training online and keep yourself and co-workers safe at work. The courses range from $4.99 to $600.00, and certification lasts for up to one year for most courses.  Each year a refresher course is taken for the certification to be extended.

Take Advantage of OSHA Training Online at Home or Work

It is easy to stay up to date with training by taking OSHA training online. These online courses can be taken wherever you are, at work or at home, whichever fits into your schedule better. Just log in and take the course required. When you are finished, you will see your score and if you pass, you will receive your certification or wallet card, depending on the course taken.

These online training courses are ideal for the worker who is constantly busy. The online courses allow you to go at your own pace, when you can fit it into your schedule. If questions arise while you are taking the online training, you can reach out to an instructor by phone, chat, or email. They will respond to you as soon as possible, so you can continue through your training.  OSHA is recognized in all 50 states and most states now require that managers and workers complete an OSHA course. Training online, whether required or not, by the state you live in, should be taken because it will reduce avoidable accidents and injuries. For more information on our OSHA training online at OSHA.NET, contact us.