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Some Things You Should Know About Hydrogen Sulfide

Nature is beautiful. It is also terrifying and mysterious.

One of the most horrific and interesting things found naturally occurring in the environment is hydrogen sulfide. Caused by the bacterial action of plants and decomposing animal manure, this gas can be found in many places and can have life threatening consequences.

Here are some other interesting things we think it is important to know about hydrogen sulfide:

  • Hydrogen sulfide is a poisonous gas that smells like rotten eggs. However, its rotten egg smell does not affect its sweet taste.
  • This colorless gas is extremely dangerous and flammable. In fact, static discharge is enough to cause an explosion.
  • Hydrogen sulfide is a naturally occurring compound that can be found in volcanoes, swamps, and other areas.
  • This dangerous gas can negatively impact your GI tract and be quickly absorbed into your lungs. Breathing hydrogen sulfide can cause a long list of symptoms including cardiac effects.
  • Hydrogen sulfide is very dangerous for the eyes. It can cause blurred visions, corneal abrasions, and blepharospasm.
  • If someone you know has been exposed to hydrogen sulfide, then you should not do mouth-to-mouth. They will need artificial respiration.

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