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Three Common Types of Hazardous Waste

We live in a world with hazardous waste all around us. From batteries for your electronics, to light bulb waste, aerosol cans, and more, we are vulnerable to coming in contact with hazardous waste every single day in homes and at our jobs.

Men in Suits for 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training OnlineFor obvious reasons this is particularly true for employees and employers that work in clean-up operations, hazardous waste management, and other jobs involving daily contact with hazardous waste.

That is why is it essential for workers and employers in these five categories to undergo 40 hour HAZWOPER training online:

  • Clean-Up Operations
  • Corrective Actions Involving Clean-Up
  • Voluntary Clean-Up Operations
  • Hazardous Waste Operations
  • Emergency Response Operations

But what kind of hazardous waste are these workers susceptible to? The three most common types of hazardous waste for the above workers include:

  • Combustible Waste – Combustible waste comes in many different types including gasoline, kerosene, petroleum, and oil. If not disposed of properly, combustible waste can cause serious environmental issues.
  • Construction Waste – Construction workers and contractors may come in contact with hazardous waste and materials such as PVC, plaster, linoleum, and asbestos.
  • Corrosive Waste – Corrosive waste that is often found in batteries, such as lead acid, bromine, and magnesium need to be disposed of properly to prevent environmental harm.

At OSHA Pros, we proudly offer 40 hour HAZWOPER training online through OSHA.NET. With the goal of promoting workplace safety and efficiency, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training is designed to provide you with comprehensive hazardous waste and emergency response safety standards as outlined in OSHA’s 1910.120 standards. With all coursework developed by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) with decades of experience, we understand the unique risks that you face, and offer practical education on how to mitigate those risks through 40 hour HAZWOPER training online.

From air monitoring, PPE, H2S training, spill containment, and more, this 40 hour course ensures that workers are prepared to safely carry out hazardous waste operations and safety protocols.

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