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What is the Difference Between EM 385-1-1 and OSHA Requirements

Public servants in the military, including contractors and project managers, perform noble duties that often involve unique challenges and requirements. Professionals laboring in these environments need specialized training that goes beyond standard OSHA safety requirements. They must comply with strict standards set in place with EM 385-1-1, a guideline published and updated by the US Corps of Engineers (USACE) for DoD projects.

While many of the rules of military-grade safety requirements are similar to OSHA, there are some differences. Keep reading to understand the differences and the benefits of both organizations.

Scope of Application

EM 385-1-1 TrainingOSHA does not protect uniformed military personnel on unique military missions. However, OSHA laws apply even when military operations are not uniquely military. Operations such as vehicle repair, construction, civil engineering, medical services, and office operations are not considered uniquely military, and OSHA standards apply.

On the other hand, military operations, equipment, and systems related to national defense, like military aircraft, missiles, artillery, tanks, and tactical vehicles, are exempt from OSHA standards when they relate to the design of DoD equipment and systems utilized for national defense.

Accident Prevention Plan (APP)

A project that adheres to EM 385 standards necessitates a site-specific Accident Prevention Plan (APP), as opposed to OSHA’s broader Incident and Injury Prevention Plan (IIPP). This APP must be readily available and comprehensively outline all potential risks associated with each phase of the project, including a detailed analysis of potential hazards for each project phase.

Technical Provisions

EM 385 training places a strong emphasis on employee and job site training, particularly due to the intricacies of military-based contracts. Workers trained under EM 385 regulations are well-versed in safety measures such as conducting a ring test before installing a new grinding wheel and identifying hazards in confined workspaces, among other technical requirements.

Employee Training

EM 385 training mandates are more demanding than those of OSHA. Employers are obligated to deliver both initial and ongoing training for DoD operations. It is essential for supervisors to conduct regular safety training sessions and meetings, with a frequency of at least once a month for supervisors and once a week for workers.

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