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What to Expect from Your 24-Hour HAZWOPER Training

If your job requires you to clean up materials that come in the form of gas, solids, or liquids from hazardous sites, natural disasters, or chemical spills, you need specialized training. The OSHA HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) 24-hour instructional program will help provide you with the critical information necessary to keep you safe. The certification requires passing an assessment, attending training, and earning your certification before starting work in conditions with hazardous substances unless otherwise specified. The instruction ensures you will understand:

  • the risks involved
  • compliance and regulations
  • how to handle the hazardous materials

HAZWOPER training outlines the proper steps for emergency response, compliance, and how to manage toxic clean-up when on the job.

What Products Are Considered Hazardous?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) identifies hazardous material as any waste that can harm humans or the environment. Hazardous material must be disposed of differently than standard waste, requiring specialized containment and/or processing procedures. The 24-hour online training program helps define appropriate protocols during hazardous substance emergencies.

What Does the Course Cover?

24 Hour HAZWOPER, 40 Hour HAZWOPER, 8 Hour HAZWOPER, HAZWOPER CertificationThe 24-hour HAZWOPER course is a system that offers extensive education on multiple situations such as:

  • site clean-up
  • following safety protocol
  • decontamination methods
  • identifying proper control on site
  • categories of substances, OSHA standards, and labeling regulations
  • classifications of waste containers and how to address them
  • appropriate protective gear and how to use it

The online instruction consists of modules with videos and quizzes, followed by the final exam. The certification also requires employees to complete a course with an online simulator that offers hands-on training from OSHA.net. In addition to the program, you will be required to spend one day with a trained overseer. Finally, the certification is followed up yearly with an 8-hour refresher course to keep your certification current.

Help Guard Yourself with the Right Training

Individuals who are considering a career working with hazardous materials are required to have specialized certification. The 24-hour HAZWOPER training instruction will give you life-saving education to enhance your abilities and self-confidence, preventing injuries and fines in the workplace. OSHA.NET’s training program is easy to follow and can be finished at your convenience. The training offers you a safe and effective set of methods and guidelines for handling hazardous materials with confidence. Ask us for more information on the program.