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OSHA Fall Protection Training

Understanding the potential hazards of falling at your job could reduce the risk of actually falling.

Before an employee starts a job, where they may be at risk of falling, it is important to provide OSHA fall protection training. Every employee should receive training on the potential fall hazard that may be present on the job. Risk of falling is a factor on many job sites, including construction sites and warehouses, and can include ladders, scaffolding and cranes. Employees in other fields, such as occupational health and safety, line managers and workers, using fall protection systems must undergo the OSHA fall protection training to ensure safety while at work. This course will teach you the common hazards that can lead to falls, as well as the rescue responses needed, if you or a coworker should fall. The course is an inexpensive way to protect yourself and your coworkers, on the job.

Fall Protection Training Cover Several Areas

OSHA Fall Protection Training, OSHA Classes Online, and OSHA HAZWOPERFall protection training provides critical knowledge for several situations:

  • Fall hazards in the work areas and how to prevent and handle them.
  • Follow mandated procedures to minimize fall hazards.
  • The correct procedures for installing, inspecting, operating, maintaining, and disassembling the personal fall protection systems that the employee uses.
  • The correct use of personal fall protection systems and equipment, as specified by the manufacturer, including, but not limited to, proper hook-up, anchoring, and tie-off techniques, and methods of equipment inspection and storage.

By following these rules, workplace injuries caused by falling can be reduced, providing a safer work environment for roofers, crane installers, cell tower technicians and aerial lift operators, among other careers.

Courses Provide Fall Protection Training and Certification

Wherever fall protection systems are used, there is a need for fall protection training and certification. Fall protection training and certification are a must on construction sites. Other jobs which require fall protection training and certification are roofers, painters, utility workers, wind/energy workers and others. Any job that has the possibility of falling and endangering the worker should take the fall protection training and certification course. The fall protection training course can be taken online. Each employee can review the course, at their own speed, while at work or during their leisure time. Once it is completed and you have successfully passed, you will receive the fall protection certification. Training your team correctly, the first time, will prevent accidents and keep the workplace safe. For more information on OSHA Fall Protection Training, call OSHA.NET at 1-866-265-5813.