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FAQ about Forklift Certification

Forklift operators have the responsibility to keep themselves, their coworkers, and their products safe and secure. These online courses provide forklift certification to forklift operators working in various capacities. With stand-up forklift training and sit-down forklift training courses, these brief and educational 1.5-hour courses give you the education needed for safe and efficient forklift operation for your warehouse or handling facility.

By complying with OSHA requirements for sit-down and stand-up forklift training, these courses include a vast range of topics for three-wheel and four-wheel forklift operation including inspection, maintenance, safe operation, transporting cargo, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Topics are Covered in the Sit-Down Forklift Course?

Sit-down forklifts are defined as forklift technology where the driver is in a seated position. This includes upper body movement to see spaces behind the forklift. Sit-down forklift training differs from stand-up training due to differences in operation.

Sit-down forklift training includes education of the fundamentals of sit-down forklift operation, including:

  • How to safely drive sit-down forklifts
  • Best practices for inspection and forklift maintenance
  • Sit-down forklift anatomy, and more!
What Topics are Covered in the Stand-Up Forklift Course?

Stand-up forklifts are defined as forklift technology where the driver is in an upright standing position. This includes full body movement to see spaces behind the forklift. Stand up forklift training differs from sit-down training in aspects of forklift operation.

Stand-up forklift training includes education of the fundamentals of stand-up forklift operation, including:

  • Safe operation of stand-up forklifts
  • Avoiding common safety hazards & workplace accidents
  • Proper transport of materials, and more!
Can I get my Forklift Certification Online?

Yes. We make forklift certification easy and stress-free through online forklift training courses that comply with OSHA requirements. Upon completion of your preferred course, you will have your forklift certification in strand-up OR sit-down forklift operation.

Who needs a Forklift Certification?

If you’re operating a forklift, then you need your forklift certification! As a general rule, all warehouse workers, manual laborers, and other forklift operators should be current in their forklift certification to stay OSHA compliant.

Note, that it is illegal for minors under the age of 18 to operate sit-down and stand-up forklifts, therefore, minors are not eligible for forklift certification online or in-person.


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At OSHA Pros, we offer forklift operators with stand up forklift training and sit down forklift training courses. With forklift certification online, these courses make forklift certification and training hassle-free for professionals and businesses seeking OSHA compliance with forklift operation. Resister for your stand-up/sit-down forklift certification online today or contact us for information on other professional courses and certifications.

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