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H2S Recertification

H2S RecertificationThere are many risks working in the oil and gas industries. While there are a range of visible hazards, some of the most dangerous aspects of working in these industries are unseen hazards, like hydrogen sulfide gas. If you work in an industry where the release of hydrogen sulfide is possible, then you need your H2S training certification. If you’ve been in the industry for years and you need to renew your H2S certification, then we can help!

The H2S training certification is valid for one year. After the year is up you will need to take the H2S recertification course to update your certification.

At OSHA Pros LLC, we are proud to provide affordable and practical H2S recertification in a hassle-free and informative online course. This refresher course ensures that you are prepared to identify hydrogen sulfide characteristics and understand the proper safety precautions and procedures to safely deal with hydrogen sulfide gas.


H2S Annual Refresher (Individual)

Price:  $34.00

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H2S Annual Refresher (Group)

Price:  $34.00 (Discounts with 5+)

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The H2S recertification course highlights include:

  • Convenient 24/7 online training accessible from multiple devices.
  • Interactive training modules and education.
  • 30 question online exam.
  • 180 days before course materials expire.
  • Printable immediate certification upon course completion.
  • Hard copy wallet card delivered by mail in the following weeks.

H2S Recertification Course Details

The H2S recertification course outlines a range of themes related to safety procedures and precautions dealing with the release of hydrogen sulfide gas in the workplace. Note that this course is designed as a refresher course for currently certified individuals, and does not replace initial H2S training certification.

The H2S recertification course is 1-2 hours long, and covers a range of materials including:

  • Recollection of the dangers of hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • Understanding where H2S is most likely to be encountered in certain industries.
  • Refresher on characteristics of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Recalling the impact of the distinct odor released by H2S.
  • Hydrogen sulfide exposure limits.
  • Education on the negative health effects of H2S.
  • Wind direction importance and awareness.
  • Recollection of safety precautions in high-risk areas.
  • Review of actions to take in the event of an H2S incident.
  • How to identify if your co-workers have been exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas.

Dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide

H2S Awareness Training RecertificationHydrogen sulfide gas originates from the breakdown of natural resources. Produced by the breakdown of certain plant and animal materials, H2S is often present in areas with low oxygen content such as mines. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas can result in immediate fatality when concentrations exceed 500-100 ppm (parts per million). However, high exposure rates are not as common as low exposure rates of 10-500 ppm, especially in the workplace.

Some symptoms of low exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas include:

  • Severe Respiratory Irritation
  • Headaches & Nausea
  • Severe Eye Irritation
  • Vomiting & Staggering

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