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OSHA Excavation Training

Excavation and trenching is not only tedious work, but can be extremely dangerous in certain situations. Understanding the risks and hazards of trenching starts with education, and at OSHA Pros LLC, we’re here to help with in-person and on-site trenching and excavation training!

At OSHA Pros LLC, we have decades of experience providing our clients with quality OSHA on-site training courses such as OSHA Excavation Training. This in-person trenching and excavation training course is led by a licensed and experienced safety consultant that understand the unique risks and hazards of trenching and excavation operations. Through personalized educational experiences, we equip you and your team to recognize and avoid dangers of the job. Contact us today to learn more about our on-site OSHA Excavation Training!

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Trenching and Excavation Training​

OSHA Excavation TrainingOur licensed experts have hands-on experience in trenching and excavation. Whether you operate a large-scale construction company or are overseeing a small demolition project, we give you the knowledge and education needed to not only be OSHA-compliant, but stay safeguarded against a variety of potential threats. Our OSHA Excavation Training is composed of a range of topics that include but are not limited to:

  • Specific OSHA Requirements & Interpretations
  • Soil Classifications (types, testing, etc.)
  • Sloping & Benching
  • Protective Systems Selection
  • Identifying Trench Collapses
  • Trench Shields
  • Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring
  • Exposure to Falling Loads & Vehicle Traffic
  • Water Accumulation
  • Confined Spaces & Emergency Rescue Equipment
  • Loose Rock & Soil Protection
  • Underground Utilities
  • Inspections
  • Fall Protection & Procedures
  • Safe Work Practices, and more!

Trenching and Excavation Training with onsite managerWho Benefits from OSHA Excavation Training?

OSHA Excavation Training is essential for supervisors, safety managers and other workers who deal with trenching and/or excavation sites. Through professional, instructor-led training, we give your team hands-on and practical exercises that improve knowledge and agility working on excavation sites. We even personalize trenching and excavation training exercises to fit your field of expertise for a well-rounded and practical training applicable to your business.

Why Choose OSHA Pros for Trenching & Excavation Training?


We facilitate professional excavation training that gives you practical hands-on experience, so you and your team are prepared for whatever risks or hazards may come your way.


Our OSHA Excavation Training Experiences are customized to fit your unique industry for complete education and field-specific learning.


We believe that learning in a community setting allows you to retain more information and feed off of the questions and knowledge of your classmates. With the guidance of a professional instructor, we equip you with the knowledge you need to think critically, so you can face any scenario with ease. If you have any questions about taking trenching and excavation training, contact us today!