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OSHA Rigging Training and Crane Rigging Certification Course Online: Rigger Signalman – Operator

OSHA Rigging Training and Crane Rigging Certification from OSHA.net will ensure that you are fully educated on the needed hand signals as well as know-how to rig up a load with a crane or other heavy machinery.

Rigger Signalman – Operator Safety Course

Signalman are the people on the ground who are communicating with the operators of cranes and other heavy machinery. Because things are already loud, trying to shout commands doesn’t work very well and could lead to a dangerous situation, so a series of hand signals have been developed for clear communication. But even before you start to use those hand signals to move heavy items, you need to rig those items properly so that they don’t tip, fall off, or otherwise hurt people on the job site. That’s where rigging certification training becomes necessary.

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Rigging Certification Training

Rigging Certification Training for Signalmen Hand Signals

Although crane operators are in control of the crane, the signalmen help guide them. Not only that, but they are also usually the ones that are rigging loads for the crane operator. This Crane Rigging Certification Course covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to rigging and hand signals
  • Estimating weights and chapters on sling angles
  • Different types of rigging gear and hand signals
  • Common safety hazards

Knowing how to properly rig a crane with loads is important for tall construction job sites. From lifting materials into place to bringing important tools and other materials up to where they are needed, doing it properly and safely is of utmost importance.

Who Needs Rigger Signalman Safety Training?

This course is specifically designed for signalmen and riggers, however, the information in this training course may also be beneficial for other crew members that work in close proximity to large or small cranes. We also offer OSHA 10 and 30 hour construction courses.


Crane Rigging Certification

Rigger Signalman performing hand signals as a part of their Safety Training OnlineRigging Certification Training includes knowing different hitching methods based on the kind of load being lifted. Basket hitching, for example, is a good option where each end of the sling being used is connected to the hook. However, if you need to keep the load balanced, this isn’t the best option. In some cases, choker hitching is the preferred method, and this is commonly used for cylindrical items. Another style is vertical hitching where one end of the sling is attached to the hook and the other end to the load. When securing a load in this fashion, it is important to have lines secured to the load to help stabilize the load to prevent it from spinning and guide it into place.

Being able to take the Crane Rigging Certification Online makes getting certified easy. There are no required pre-requisites and the courses are available 100% online, 24/7. Learn at your own pace and when finished, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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Price:  $79.00

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