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Sit Down Forklift Training, Sit Down Forklift Certification, and Forklift Certification Training

Are you looking for affordable, convenient, and educational sit down forklift certification training? At OSHA Pros we’ve got your back with hassle-free OSHA classes online. Understanding that sit down forklifts are the most commonly used forklift machinery nationwide, we delve into the best practices of safe load handling and operation so you, your team, and pedestrians are safeguarded from the potential hazards of sit down forklift machinery. To get started, enroll in sit down forklift training for $79.

Not sure if this online OSHA certification is right for you? The sit down forklift training course is necessary for sit down forklift operators that are 18 years or older working in warehouses, ports, terminals, hazardous waste cleanup sites, dockyards, and more 1.

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Sit-Down Forklift

Price:  $79.00

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We also provide Stand Up Forklift Training. Register using the link above or call 817-874-5000

Sit Down Forklift Training

At OSHA Pros we proudly provide you and your workforce with sit-down forklift training in a stress-free and convenient environment. Accessible from your home/work computer, we enable you and your team to comply with OSHA safety standards and receive online OSHA certifications from the comfort of your home or office.

With options in both stand-up and sit-down forklift training, we give you the knowledge and education needed to identify, avoid, and mitigate workplace hazards. Whether you work in a warehouse or other material handling facility, we’re here to help you safely navigate sit-down forklift.

Sit Down Forklift Training

Here’s what our sit down forklift certification course includes:

  • Understanding different types of forklifts
  • OSHA safety standards for sit down forklift operation
  • Sit-down forklift anatomy
  • Forklift operation hazards (tip-overs, battery hazards, etc)
  • Safety precautions and injury prevention
  • Keeping pedestrians safeguarded from forklift hazards
  • Best practices for inspection and forklift maintenance
  • Proper load handling, and more!

Why Forklift Certification Training?

Our sit down forklift certification training helps your workforce by:

Improving Worker Confidence

While sit down forklift operation is widely used, not all operators have the confidence needed to safely and confidently operate sit down forklift machinery. This OSHA training course not only offers OSHA compliance, but increases confidence for forklift operators.

Providing A Sound Foundation

Our sit down forklift training provides you and your team with a sound foundation of knowledge to operate sit down forklift machinery. Through practical education, case studies, and comprehensive training this OSHA training online provides you with the knowledge needed to safely operate sit down forklifts.

Offering Convenient Education

With sit down forklift certification available online, you and your team can receive OSHA-compliant forklift certification training in a convenient and hassle-free online space. No need to go out of your way to receive sit down forklift training, we bring OSHA training courses to you!

Enroll in Sit-Down Forklift Training

Price:  $79.00


OSHA.net provides a variety of OSHA training and certification courses online, including for forklift operators. Call us today to learn more at 817-874-5000.

1 It is a violation of Federal law for anyone UNDER 18 years of age to operate a forklift or for anyone OVER 18 years of age who is not properly trained and certified to do so. https://www.osha.gov/powered-industrial-trucks