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MSHA Certification and Training

OSHA Pros USA and OSHA Pros LLC LogoThe Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) provides materials, guidance, and hands-on assistance to help miners and operators meet their training obligations and more. Federal law requires that all miners receive basic and annual refresher training and that all mine operators maintain an effective training plan.

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Working in a mine, your or your employees face numerous health hazards, such as explosions, cave-ins, dust, chemicals, electricity, and so on. Fortunately, mines have become much safer with the introduction of legislation and advances in safety equipment. The type of mine you work at determines which MSHA mine safety training you are required to complete. MSHA Part 46 training applies to very specific surface mines, such as sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, surface limestone, colloidal phosphate, or shell dredging operations. On the other hand, MSHA Part 48 covers all underground mines, surface coal mines, and some surface/non-metal mines.

MSHA Training

MSHA TrainingMSHA Part 46 states that surface miner safety training should be made available to multiple types of workers. This includes rank and file miners and supervisors, as well as contractors and construction workers. Even if you are not directly involved in mining operations, but you work at a mine, you are entitled to receive site-specific miner safety training. This is where OSHA Pros’ online MSHA training will be very helpful, no matter what aspect of mining you are employed in.

Maybe you are a new mining employee, and you need to get training before you participate in any potentially hazardous activities. Or, you may be an experienced mining employee that needs to take your annual refresher MSHA training. Whatever your position is, OSHA.net has the MSHA training that you need to be in compliance.

MSHA Certification

MSHA CertificationGetting your MSHA certification doesn’t have to be difficult. What used to be an in-person class that needed to be arranged with an instructor and have a room large enough to accommodate the class, can now be done online whenever the person needing it has time, and they can do so where ever they want. You’ll learn about the physical characteristics, types, and operations of surface mines, as well as site rules and emergency procedures. Additionally, the courses cover a wide range of topics from accident prevention, emergency procedures, and first aid/CPR to identifying and reporting environmental, electrical, and chemical hazards on the job site. Plus, you’ll gain a better understanding of the rights of miners and miners’ representatives. Contact OSHA Pros today to learn more or register for training!