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OSHA 8 Hour Confined Space Training

osha 8 hour confined space training

For Entry Supervisor & Competent Person

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General Industry
For Entry Supervisor & Competent Person

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Does your job require entry into confined spaces?  Workers whose jobs require supervision or entry into drainage pipes, sumps, tanks, tunnels, pits and other confined spaces now have vital OSHA safety training available to them. Available both onsite and online, our OSHA 8 Hour Confined Space Training course provides workers with specific safety protocols to address hazards associated with workplaces that involve what OSHA defines as “limited or restricted means of entry or exit”.

Looking for the new Confined Space Construction OSHA Certification for entrants and attendants? Or, see all Confined Space Training Courses.

Online Confined Space Training Course

Complete your required confined space entry training OSHA certification with this convenient online course in an easy-to-follow self-guided format. Structured to cover OSHA 1910.146 Confined Space Entry regulations, this course covers topics that include the following:

  • Identifying and differentiating permit-required and non-permit confined space entry sites
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of confined space work team members, including supervisors, entrants and attendants.
  • Recognizing the hazards found in confined space situations, including airborne and physical hazards
  • Proper use of gas monitoring equipment
  • Safe ventilation practices for working in confined spaces
  • Understanding basic emergency procedures and the role of rescue service personnel
  • How and when to temporarily reclassify a permit-required site to non-permit status
  • Use of OSHA’s alternate entry procedures

Your 8 hour online confined space entry training certification will help you to meet your training requirement and enhance your safety knowledge. The convenient online format includes a computer-guided lesson plan to take you through the material. Each section involves a quiz to test your mastery of the subject matter, and the course finishes with final exam, with a passing score requirement of 70%.

Completion of your training will be documented and certified according to OSHA regulations. Upon finishing the course, you will be able to print out a Certificate of Completion for your records.

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On Site OSHA Confined Space Training Also Available

Structured to address the safety training needs of teams working in confined space situations, our on site Confined Space Entry Safety Training course is taught by an Authorized OSHA trainer. Training materials include a manual and a model Confined Space Entry Program on CD that can be modified for your company’s use. On-site training can also be customized for Cal/OSHA customers. Contact us for a free quote for on site group training at your workplace.

Confined Space Rescue Team Training

A specialized on site course specifically tailored for confined space rescue team personnel is also available. This course focuses on dealing with confined space safety decision-making and addressing safety hazards in an emergency situation.

Other Confined Space Entry Compliance Services

OSHA Pros also provides other services to help you meet your Confined Space OSHA compliance and training requirements, including:

  • Customized OSHA-compliant written Confined Space Entry Program document for your workplace (includes OSHA compliant alternate entry procedures)
  • Annual review of your Confined Space Entry Program
  • Assistance with identifying and assessing specific confined space entry hazards

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Identifying Permit Required Confined Spaces

This course is NOT recommended for confined space entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, or the competent person. We have more suitable courses available for those individuals. These courses are designed to assist the student who is only interested in knowing if they have any permit-required confined spaces at construction sites. It is based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for the Confined Spaces in Construction standard found at 29 CFR 1926, Subpart AA.

Identifying Permit Required

For Construction

Price: $59.00


Identifying Permit Required

For General Industry

Price: $59.00