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EM 385 40 Hour Online: What Does EM 385 Stand For?

When it comes to workplace safety, there is no room for error– especially when you are working on government or military contracts. In addition to normal workplace risks, contractors working on military contracts are faced with additional safety risks that can not only compromise their contract, but their personal safety and the safety of their team.

That is where EM 385-1-1 standards come in. EM stands for Engineers Manual, which is the Safety and Health Requirements Manual published and updated by the US Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Group of People in Hard Hats for EM 385 40 Hour OnlineViolations of EM 385-1-1 standards can lead to hefty fines, of $2,000 per day, project cancellations, or even worse: workplace accidents!  It is important to note that contractors should have already completed EM 385 40-hour online training before bidding on government or military contracts.

What does the EM 385 course entail?

  • Detailed Accident Prevention Plan – Specific accident prevention plans (APP) are put in place and outlined by EM 385 40-hour online training to keep contractors and their employees safe.
  • Technical Provisions – Strict technical provisions are placed on military contracts. This ensures that employees are aware of all the potential hazards of military jobs.
  • Complex Employee Training – To ensure that safety standards are being revered, trainees undergo complex and strenuous EM 385 training that includes regular reviews to determine if work practices are ideal and safety standards are being upheld.

At OSHA Pros, LLC, we are proud to offer workplace safety courses, such as the EM 385 40 hour online training course from OSHA.net. Understanding that workplace safety is essential to completing jobs efficiently, we reinforce our coursework with complimentary study guides that ensure optimal learning retention. Contact us today to register for EM 385 40 hour online training or another work safety training course.