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The Focus Four Causes of Death in the Workplace [Infographic]

Workplace safety can be a big topic to cover, but all workers should be aware of the Focus Four causes of deaths in the workplace and how to avoid them. These Fatal Four cause the majority of fatal accidents because workers and their employers are not trained to put safety first and to follow safety best practices in all situations. The four hazards – falls, caught in/between, struck by and electrocution – are all avoidable in the workplace when both supervisors and workers are expected to complete appropriate OSHA safety training courses, and maintain a work environment that emphasizes worker safety at all times.

For a useful guide to the Focus/Fatal Four and basic best practices to avoid falling victim to them, take a look at our infographic below, and share it/post it for co-workers to benefit as well.

OSHA Focus Four Workplace Hazards Infographic

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